WHAT, and how, we grow

Market Garden

The garden is divided into quarters, with one quarter devoted to broccoli, a second quarter to greens, and a third to cabbages and zucchini. Plants grow in strips rototilled into a mix of rye and other grasses, which serve as a green manure. We till the last quarter and use it to grow potatoes, beans, and whatever the research projects are for the year.

Greenhouse and raised beds

In spring, we grow mustard greens, lettuce, and radishes in an unheated 20' x 30' greenhouse. These are followed by carrots, beets, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. The greenhouse sits on the roof of a silage pit, where, we are told, another barn used to be located. We grow butternut squash and pumpkins grow in outdoor raised beds.


We raise chickens for eggs and companionship, since they are mostly agreeable, sincere creatures. The mixed flock produces a pretty assortment of egg colors. Breeds we are partial to are the Sussex, Ancona, Orpington, Maran, and Ameraucana.

dairy goats

This is Venus, a Lamancha dairy goat, and like all Lamancha goats she was born without floppy goat ears! What Lamancha goats lack in ears they make up for in astounding intelligence. Our small herd has Lamancha and Nubian goats.